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What this site is all about.

This site is all about spiritual journeys. It is for everyone who wants to explore their spiritual journey or the spiritual journeys of others. You don't have to belong to any particular religion or belief to explore what's included in here.

The material in this site is compiled and edited by a Christian working group and that is the perspective and experience we're coming from. Our purpose is first of all to provide all kinds of materials for every visitor to enjoy and explore. In addition, we also provide materials for practising Christians, both clergy and lay people, so that members of Christian communities can learn more about their own rich traditions of spirituality and explore that of others.

The Explore section is aimed at anyone interested in the spiritual journey. It's connected to a book, Sense Making Faith (CTBI 2007), but you don't have to have seen the book to use the section. The Look Section provides details of books, essays and other written materials which may be of general interest. In addition there are specific ideas, issues and themes for Christian clergy and lay readers. The Do section provides questions for discussion groups and activities for groups. Again, these resources may be helpful to Christian communities and groups seeking to engage more fully with others outside their own churches, but may also be used by other groups and people with spiritual interests. The Ask section allows visitors to contact us and feedback thoughts and information. Finally, the Dream section provides many different creative resources which may be used by anybody.

This website is made possible by the generosity of the Mission and Public Affairs Council of the Archbishops' Council of the Church of England and Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. However, www.spiritualjourneys.org.uk should be considered as an website independent of any official church body and for which the Mission Theology Advisory Group is solely responsible. Neither the Church of England nor CTBI necessarily endorses the material, ideas and opinions on this site. If you have queries or comments about the site, please contact us and not either of our sponsoring bodies. Further, while MTAG is responsible for the original material in this site, we are not responsible for the content of any external links.

About the Mission Theology Advisory Group

The Mission Theology Advisory Group (MTAG) is a group of writers, teachers and theologians who come together as friends, colleagues and partners to look at issues affecting the mission of the Christian Church in a society like ours. Some of us are ordained ministers, some of us are lay people. If you would like to know more about us all, you can read about the original members who set this website up here >>. You can also read about our current members and what they do here >> For some time, MTAG has been interested in the engagement between the Christian gospel and contemporary culture, and especially in the challenges and changes brought about by the Church's encounter with contemporary expressions of spirituality.

MTAG is formed of a partnership between the Mission and Public Affairs Division of the Church of England's Archbishops' Council, and Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. Members are drawn from a number of different Christian denominations and a wide geographical spread. In addition, MTAG has a network of organisations, consultants and friends, inside and outside the Church, who offer advice and are part of the group's ongoing conversation.

Since 1992, when this partnership began, MTAG's publications have included:

The Search for Faith and the Witness of the Church, Church House Publishing 1996

The Toronto Experience, Church House Publishing 1997

Presence and Prophecy, Church House Publishing/CTBI 2002

Presence and Prophecy, a study guide by Simon Barrow, Church House Publishing/CTBI 2002

Transparencies, Church House Publishing/CTBI 2002

Sense Making Faith, CTBI (December 2007)

Unreconciled? (CTBI Publishing 2011)

More about these publications can be found in the look section of this website.

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