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for wanderers and wayfarers in the world of spirituality

In this section you can explore with us the many ways to develop your spiritual life by using the physical senses. The basis of this 'explore' section is a book we have written, -Sense Making Faith, which you can use to follow different spiritual journeys through your senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, - as well as through the power of the human imagination.By entering the different sections on the left, you can find additional journeys relating to that sense and discover new places to go which are not in the book.

Sense Making Faith, by Anne Richards with the Mission Theological Advisory Group, is published by CTBI publishing ISBN 978-085169-347-7

at £15 pp 156. (For ordering information, see below, or you can get the book from Amazon here >>)

Sense Making Faith is the basis of a CTBI Lent course, which was developed in conjunction with BBC Radio 4 and local radio in 2009. Starting on St David's Day (1st March) you can follow these spiritual journeys throughout any Lenten season and use the downloadable resources. To find out more click here >>

For more information about the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday go here >>

You can also go directly to each downloadable resource from here:

Lent 1

Lent 1 (focus on St David's Day)

Lent 2

Lent 3

Lent 4

Lent 4 (focus on Mothering Sunday)

Lent 5

Lent 6


How to use the resources

Daily resources for each theme through the six weeks

Explanation and comment on each of the daily readings

we shall not cease from exploration... T S Eliot


Sense Making Faith >>
General information about the book can be found here

Order from www.scm-canterburypress.org.uk or through the ctbi website

Sample pages

Some extra journeys from the introductory section of Sense Making Faith

Exploring the wonders of the world

Exploring beautiful cathedrals

Lichfield cathedral online exploration. Visit here >>

Exploring sacred monuments and buildings (forthcoming)


Article on the amazing human body and its incredible senses >> (see pp16-17 of Metro edition 15/02/10)


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