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In this section we will post any news of interest to spiritual seekers and those engaging with contemporary spirituality.

dispossession project

New resource in the Dispossession Project on home and homelessness. Find it here >> and see more about the project below.

Reconciliation: the journey of a lifetime

This new book from Brian Castle, the bishop of Tonbridge, looks at personal flourishing, social cohesion, political co-existence and the survival of the planet, as well as a deeper understanding of the work of God in the world.

With questions and activities for individuals and groups.


Practising Spirituality through apps

From Jonny Baker's blog on contemporary spirituality here >>


Prince George's baptism

Simple explanation of what baptism is about, where it comes from, and what happens, for people interested in Prince George's christening. See here >>

Archbishop Justin Welby talking about the christening here >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=254D9Qy8l_U

The Spirit of Things Unseen: belief in post-religious Britain

Theos news October 2013

Research by the thinktank Theos discovers that 77% of all adults in the research believe that “there are things in life that we simply cannot explain through science or any other means.” Find out about the research here >>

The Pilgrim Course

Pilgrim is a new course for the Christian Journey involving exploration of key issues about the Christian faith and its relevance to today's world. There are two 'stages': the 'follow' stage for spiritual seekers and people new to Christian faith and the 'grow' stage for those wanting to explore further. Pilgrim is non-prescriptive, enabling reflection and enquiry.

'Follow' Books 1 and 2 are available in October 2013 on Turning to Christ and the Lord's Prayer.

Find out more at http://www.pilgrimcourse.org

From the website...

Pilgrim’s approach

It starts at the very beginning

Pilgrim assumes very little understanding or knowledge of the Christian faith.

It focuses on Jesus Christ

Pilgrim aims to equip people to follow Jesus Christ as disciples in the whole of their lives.

It flows from the Scriptures

The primary focus of each session is a group of people engaging with the Bible together.

It draws deeply from the Christian tradition

In the Early Church, the Christian faith was taught by the transmission of key texts which summed up the heart of the Christian message. Pilgrim restores this approach for the twenty-first century.

It honours the Anglican way and its many streams

Pilgrim has been developed as a specifically Anglican resource which aims to cater for every tradition in the Church of England.


Food Matters

A project by Alison Webster from the Diocese of Oxford to help churches connect with the seasons and traditional farming festivals, and explore key food related themes. with new resources on Faith and Fasting, find out about it here >>

Colin Brown: Opeways

Colin Brown is supported by Church Army and the Church of England to enable an exploration of art and faith in Cornwall and beyond. His exhibition 'Opeways' is currently touring. His website http://www.colinsart.org.uk

says this about it:

'Falmouth has many historic passages that link the main streets with the quays. The Cornish name ‘Ope’ derives from ‘opening’, and the paintings of these portray a sense of journey. The Opes are unique and inspirational, offering tempting glimpses of the water and connecting us with their history. However, in painting them I have sought to interpret and reveal more than that. For that is the beauty of art. 
These canvases reflect aspects of my life and faith journey, longings and convictions, questions and uncertainties. They were painted during a time of transition and wondering about the future. They say something very real to me about the presence of the Divine in our midst, at all times of our lives and in all the places we find ourselves.
The thing about art is that your view and experience of the same painting and scene will be unique to you. My hope is that you find the work helpful in some way as a part of your own journey of life.'


The Dispossession Project

The MTAG team are producing a series of resources exploring the relationship between Christian mission and social justice. You will be able to explore 16 different resources for every topic using text based resources; activities, such as research, looking at images, listening to music, watching films or cooking a meal; bible studies, prayers and songs; and spirituality based things to do such as repenting, gift giving, following Jesus and comparing your thoughts with those of others.

You are invited to challenge yourself to find out more about each topic and to see if your exploration motivates you to change in any way.

The first resource is on the fifth mark of mission - our task of looking after God's planet. The second is on unjust imprisonment.

See the resources online at www.dispossessionproject.org


News >>

Talking point: like the child in the film Love Actually who gets the part of 'second lobster' more dinosaurs, frogs and ladybirds are now making an appearance in school Nativity Plays.

Apart from having to make costumes, what do you think about the changing range of characters in the 'traditional' Nativity Play?

One school has changed the play to have gifts of Gold, Silver and Bronze to celebrate the Olympics. Do you think that makes sense?

Spirit of Christmas?

'I was angry because I thought I wasn't going to get all the presents I wanted this year. I want all of these things and I don't see why I shouldn't get them'

What do you make of 13 year old Makeeda's demands?


Philip Roderick's blog can be found here >>


Start the Week >>
A roundup of activities and events from the National Officer for Evangelism in the Church of England. Go to starttheweek.typepad.com/stw to see what's going on near you.



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