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Awaken the Spirit: The Sacred Text of Jesus

In 2005 Jay Jeffries began the long journey of commissioning a book, to capture the attention of those who consider themselves spiritual. Sixteen Authors and several Artists contributed to the book.

Authors were chosen for their knowledge, experience, integrity and love for the spiritual. Most have written books, papers or articles on their topics. Authors come from United States, UK and Australia and all bring their uniquely different flavors to the book.

Tyndale House Publishing has contributed the New Living Translation to the book. Awaken the Spirit is a Bible for Spiritual Seekers including contributions from John and Olive Drane, Mike Frost and Steve Hollinghurst.

Find out about it here >>


Robin Greenwood: Being Church

'Being Church offers ideas and examples of good practice, based on real
experience alongside detailed reflection, on processes that offer support
and challenge to Christian communities, leaders, lay and ordained, and
to dioceses and ecumenical networks.
Robin Greenwood considers the institutional and local church virtues
and habits needed for churches to know and develop their identity in
society today. In a Spirit-led, relational understanding of God, reality
and church, this book explores how local church communities can be
re-formed in discipleship, confidence, and mutual love. Being Church is
rooted in a purposeful journey, drawn towards the life of God and
listening to the world.
ROBIN GREENWOOD is a practical theologian'

Helen Warwick, Finding Your Inner Treasure info here >>

Unreconciled? Anne Richards with the Mission Theology Advisory Group

a major new resource on issues in Christian Reconciliation fully illustrated with stories and group activities, challenging churches to change ONE thing in their engagement with local communities.

Find out about it here >>

Unreconciled? is now available, from CTBI Publishing via SCM-Canterbury Press price £15. It is beautifully illustrated and contains complete study resources for individuals and groups to use.

You can get the book here >>

Related to the above title you might also be interested in

Reconciling People:Coventry Cathedral's Story edited by Christopher Lamb

Released 30th September 2011 from Canterbury Press at £25


Anne Richards, Nigel Rooms, John Clark, Janice Price, Martin Lee, Philip Knights, Paul Rolph

Foundations for Mission

Foundations for Mission is a research project into whether the public language Christians use about mission matches Christian theology about mission and their mission practice. Contains tools to help with website design, theological statement survey and interview templates.

Find out about it from the CTBI website, including downloadable resources, here >>

Steve Hollinghurst Mission Shaped Evangelism

This is a landmark book that will renew our understanding of what the gospel - literally 'the good news about Jesus' - is for today's cultures. It begins with a key challenge - do we believe God speaks in the cultural context, or only in the Christian tradition? Part One - Listening to God in the cultural context explores the radically changing culture in which the church exists today, the rise of new spiritualities, the secularisation of society and religion's increasingly dubious public image. Part Two - Listening to God in the Christian tradition looks at key periods in Christian history as responses to cultural changes, from the ancient pagan world to modernist faith. What can we learn from the lessons of the past? Part Three moves from theory to practice and tells great stories where innovative evangelism is taking place - from supermarkets to festivals to the internet.


Steven Croft, Ian Mobsby,Ancient Faith: Future Mission - fresh expressions in the sacramental tradition SCM-Canterbury 2009. Check it out here >>


Alison Webster: You are Mine SPCK 2009

In this inspiring book, Alison Webster explores what it means to be human: she looks at relationships, power, disadvantage in the face of dominant ideas of normality, faith and the way we encounter God, and how we grow and change.

Graham Kings: Signs and Seasons: a guide for your Christian Journey SCM 2008. Find out more here >>

Brian Castle: Reconciling One and All: God's gift to the world November 2008. Find out more about this Lent book for 2009 here>>

Stephen Pattison, Seeing Things, deepening relations with visual artefacts, SCM-Canterbury November 2007. Find out more >> .

Spirituality to Go by Olive M Fleming Drane. Find out more >>

From the Bottom of the Pond, by Simon Small. Find out more >>

New Age, Paganism and Christian Mission, by Steve Hollinghurst. Find out more >>

Below you will find details of previous publications from the Mission Theological Advisory Group

9780715155370 Search for Faith and the Witness of the Church

This ecumenical report explores five areas of contemporary life that in some way affect every person in our society. Each section includes study group material and suggestions for further reading. It considers:

  • how people belong to each other and to organisations
  • the challenge of implicit religion
  • the shapes and forms of contemporary spirituality
  • how science, technology and Christian faith can co-exist
  • the history of ideas - where do our ideas in western society come from?

    Publication Date: 01/11/1996
    Publisher: Church House Publishing
    Binding: Paperback
    Pages: 208 pages

9780715155486 Presence and Prophecy - A Heart for Mission in Theological Education
How does theological education equip people to face the challenges of mission and ministry in a changing world? How does Christian presence in society make a difference, and how can the Churches speak prophetically of God´s purposes today?

This book suggests how theological education can provide essential opportunities to find encouraging and helpful answers to these questions. It explores the kind of world we live in and asks what kind of teaching and learning experiences help Christians to become people with hearts for mission. It takes a fresh look at elements of the theological curriculum and suggests a new vision and hope for all the Churches. Presence and a Prophecy is also accompanied by a study guide.

Publication Date: 01/10/2002
Publisher: Church House Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 256 pages

 9780715155493 Presence and Prophecy - A Heart for Mission in Theological Education: Study Guide

Presence and Prophecy is an extensive resource for everyone involved in theological education to help rethink its challenges. Students and teachers in theological colleges, seminaries, courses and schemes will find it useful, but it is also relevant to those involved with Christian basics courses, local church study groups and other informal educational events.

This Study Guide will help many different groups tackle the different issues raised in Presence and Prophecy. It lays out some ways of engaging with the ideas in the book, linking the themes and joining in an important conversation about how the Churches in mission can really make a difference in people´s lives.

Whilst this Study Guide contains a summary of the material in the main book, it will be difficult to use to full effect without a copy of the full report Presence and Prophecy.

Publication Date: 01/10/2002
Publisher: Church House Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 48 pages

9780715155509 Transparencies - Pictures of Mission through Prayer and Reflection
What do Sister Wendy, the Muppets, Harry Potter and a sculpture of Jesus on the cross have in common? The answer is that they can all provide a focus for prayer and reflection which in turn can be used to help us see more clearly how God is at work in and through our contemporary culture.

This book of prayers and reflections includes extracts from books, poems, pictures and pieces of music which, like transparencies, or photographic negatives ready for development, have colours and images waiting to be discovered.

This imaginative collection, road tested by the ecumenical Mission Theological Advisory Group, is suitable for all kinds of prayer and study groups and can be used as a Lent or Advent course.

Publication Date: 01/10/2002
Publisher: Church House Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 72 pages




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