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Holy week during Coronavirus epidemic

Online retreat at Launde Abbey >>

John Drane - videos for Holy Week >>

Methodist - Holy week at home >>

Catholic online - Holy Week >>

Church of England Holy Week 2020 >>


The Mission Theology Advisory Group has created some extra resources to go with our book Unreconciled?

For example: Bible Studies focusing on emotion maps to create a discussion about reconciliation.

Specimen scenarios are here >>

We also have some reconciliation games for children and adults.

Try this one, for younger children using snakes and ladders here >>

We also have materials for adults and a co-operative role playing game. Contact us if you would like more details


Mission Mindmap for the topic 'Unreconciled Families'

Go to http://www.mindomo.com/edit.htm?m=4fd132d2c49f49c0a989d9e238fc84d2

Paste the link into your browser to access the map

The group resources from the book are available on the Look homepage.

Body Prayers with a group, by Philip Roderick

Use this DVD to explore body prayer

If Jesus was on Facebook what would his page look like?:

What would other bible stories look like on Facebook?

relating to mission


relating to rural life:

download activities including stories, discussion starters, bible passages, role play and prayers on topics relevant to life in the countryside. From The Grass is Always Greener, CHP 2002, by permission of Church House Publishing.

Choose from: Food; Dark; Pub; Grave; Fish; Kids; Old; Young; Grief; Bed; Hope


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