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In this section you can find examples of prayers for all kinds of occasion, whether you are looking for a suitable prayer for an event, inspiration, encouragement, or just want to reflect on the way others offer their thoughts and praise to God.




Exploring Prayer - contemporary perspectives

Find out about: The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer >>

Russell Brand: 'Why the hell are people suddenly googling 'prayer'? Watch here >>

An Explicit Crying out for Justice in Prayer: #FuckThisShit Find out about it here >>

Prayers from around the globe available for use from USPG here >>


exploring prayer - in times of Covid-19

Praying with Archbishop Stephen Cottrell >>

Praying if you have never prayed before. Get started >>

Prayer for the time of COVID-19 from Alison Webster >>


exploring prayer - Christian prayers

The Lord's Prayer - explore it here >>

The Jesus Prayer - ' We don't say the Jesus Prayer, or enter wordless contemplation, to get "some benefit." We don't pray to reduce our stress, or strengthen our immune system, or lose weight, or add years to our life. On the contrary, we enter prayer to follow Christ, to become open to Him'. Find out about it here >>. 

The Examen - a way of reflecting prayerfully on the events of the day to see where God is at work. Find out about it here >>

Fr Richard Peers - blog section on prayer >>

A short prayer walk around a church >>

Prayer for New Life pdf or Word (coloured) >>



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