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In this section there are essays and reflections on the spirituality of films, TV, and music video, as well as templates with information and questions if you want to run a film club or discussion group based on films, or just think about what connections films and TV programmes make with our lives.

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Essays and discussion on films:


Passengers >>

Man of Steel >>

Derek, episode 6 >>

Black Mirror, Series 2: Be Right Back; White Bear; The Waldo Moment >> White Christmas >>

Death and Resurrection in Skyfall>>

Signs >>

Lord of the Rings - the making of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy >>

Disney >>

The Passion of The Christ >>

Stuck on You>>

Harry Potter - and the prisoner of Azkaban >>

Finding Nemo>>

Kill Bill>>


Find even more film ideas with reviews and comment at Steve Taylor's site here >>

Music video


Lana del Rey Church Bells (Carrie Underwood music video) about abuse >>

Hozier: Take me to Church >> (warning: sex and violence in the video)

David Bowie: Lazarus

Explore music lyrics and tracks with Andy Meek >>

TV and Films for discussion groups



Doctor Who

'The Rings of Akhaten' S07E07 >>

'Twice upon a Time' Christmas 2017 episode >>

'Deep Breath' S08E01 >>

'Into the Dalek' SE08E02 >>

'Listen' 'SE08E04 >>

'Mummy on the Orient Express' SE08E08 >>


TV: House.md >>

Introduction to House.md

'Fidelity' S01E07 >>

'Histories' S01E10 >>

'Role Model' S01E17 >>

'Acceptance' S02E01 >>

'Autopsy' S02E02 >>

'One Day, One Room' S03E12 >>

'House Training' S03E20 >>

'It's a Wonderful Lie' (S04E10, Christmas episode)>>

'Don't Ever Change' (S04E) 12 >>

'Joy to the World' (S05E11, Christmas episode)>>
'Unfaithful' (S05E15) >>
'Broken' (SO6E01) >>
'Tyrant' (SO6E03) >>

'Brave Heart' (SO6E05) >>

'Known Unknowns' (SO6E06) >>

'Remorse' (S06E12) >>

Charity Case (SO8 E03) >>

Nobody's Fault (SO8 E11) >>

Body and Soul (SO8 E18) >>

Post-Mortem (S08 E20) >>


> The Lord of The Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring >>
> Local Hero >> Iris >> Babel >> Into the Wild >>

Christmas Films>>

Jingle all the Way >> Home Alone >>

> The Blues Brothers >> Sister Act >>


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