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for dreamers, wonderers and drifters

In this section you will find reflections and other occasional pieces on the spiritual life, - to inspire, to refresh and sometimes to provoke.



new additions

Brexit, Megxit, Leadership elections....

With all the discussion around elections, Brexit, changes in the royal family and all kinds of issues dividing opinion at the moment, you can find a whole series from Robin Richardson of reflections, prayers and things to do to understand the process of reconciliation and how we might do reconciling work together. Find them here >>

Professor john drane reflects on the spirituality of the manchester 'One love' concert >>


Faith and Love in the First World War.

In these reflections and prayers we look at the spirituality of WW1. We look at the little things that affected the men who fought and what we learn about the human spirit.

The first four reflections are on Mud; Rats; Lice; and Poppies and can be found here >>

The second four reflections are on Cigarettes; Sons; Daughters; and Ghosts and can be found here >>

The third set of four reflections are on Guns; Wire; Gas; and Shrapnel and can be found here >>


Reflective Prayer for All Hallows Eve (Hallowe'en), All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

These reflective prayers bind these three days together, seeing them as part of a process during which we remember those gone before us, face our fears, and turn with hope towards the future. You might like to use them in conjunction with the resources for the November Season below.

Reflective Prayer >> Word

Reflective Prayer >> PDF

Five Resources for November Season, through prayer and reflection:

Introduction >> Word

Introduction >> PDF

1 Remembering the Dead >> Word

1 Remembering the Dead >> PDF

2 Facing the Monsters >> Word

2 Facing the Monsters >> PDF

3 Becoming a Phoenix >> Word

3 Becoming a Phoenix >> PDF

4 Being at Peace >> Word

4 Being at Peace >> PDF

5 Christ the King: Endings and Beginnings >> Word

5 Christ the King: Endings and Beginning >> PDF


Good News

Reflections on being a Christian in everyday life, by Anne Richards, from the publication Good News

By Immersion >> Interfaith Dialogue >> You who have ears to hear >>

Sense and Nonsense in Worship >> by Arthur Hawes



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