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for wanderers and wayfarers in the world of spirituality

In this section you can discover more about the spirituality of touch. Choose from the possibilities below.

The first task: to find

a frontier. I am not,

after all, everything.

Archbishop Rowan Williams



Exploring the meaning, importance and spirituality of objects: The Intimate:Inanimate Project collects stories about how particular objects connect us to memories, hope, reconciliation. The stories include objects as diverse as a teddy bear, a jumper and a harmonica. Includes the Bishop of Liverpool talking about his 'Barlow' stick. Explore here >>

Exploring textiles: the Garments of Gethsemane >>

Peter Privett talks about making the Garments of Gethsemane here >>

Exploring textiles: Christ as clothes >>

Exploring touch: ear-piercing >>

Exploring touch: Olive Drane on mask-making >>

Exploring touch: Bridget Jones' Diary >>

Exploring touch: Touch and Art >>

Exploring touch: House episode for discussion: One Day, One Room

News item: touching things makes you want them>>

Future journeys will include:

Exploring touch in Christian spirituality

Exploring touch in the natural world


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