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for wanderers and wayfarers in the world of spirituality

This section adds to the 'Journey into Seeing' chapter of Sense Making Faith. You will find additional journeys and resources for exploring the spirituality of what and how we see. Choose an item to explore from the list below.


A million arrows, I

the target, where the lines meet

and are knotted

Archbishop Rowan Williams


Exploring seeing things:

Blog on prayer and photography

African artists pay homage to Dante: heaven, hell and purgatory

Nicholas Pope: The Apostles Speaking in Tongues lit by their own Lamps

Colin Brown: Opeways

David Beckham: man of sorrows tattoo
Professor Stephen Pattison's Gifford Lectures on 'seeing' >>

Exploring Fractals >> Also see Dave Makin's fractal gallery here >>

exloring Fractals>> BBC article on fractals >>

Exploring Optical Illusions >>

Exploring Christian Art: Miriam Kings >>

Exploring Christian Art: Silvia Dimitrova >> Silvia's website >>

Exploring Christian Art: icons >>

Exploring more icons (weblink) >>

Exploring even more icons (via Pinterest) >>

Exploring Christian Art: Nicholas St John Rosse The Last Supper >>

Exploring the Face of Christ >>

Exploring the Stations of the Cross >>

Exploring the world of the blind: Bible study -
The Cleansing of the Temple >> The Nativity >> Blind Bartimaeus>>

Exploring visual prayer: what people with Autism Spectrum Condition can teach us about non verbal prayer >>

Exploring the Turin Shroud >>


Exploring Advent

Advent resource from MTAG: a spiritual journey with the Magi.

5 resources for the 4 weeks of Advent plus Christmas

Download here:

Word document >>

PDF >>

CTBI has a range of Advent resources exploring what Advent means in the context of an economic crisis. Downloadable resources are available here >>

more resources for Advent here >>

There are a number of online advent calendars to look at in the run up to Christmas, with images, video and fun things to explore.

For more Advent calendars go to the Do section here >>

Also you could check out:

Sheila Julian Merryweather:

Colourful Advent

Sheila Julian Merryweather shares her personal experience if using colour to pray about some of the difficult traditional themes of Advent - death, judgement, hell - and, in doing so, encourages and inspires the reader to use colour in a similar way.




Exploring Lent

What is Ash Wednesday all about? Find out here >>

You can also find out about Ash Wednesday readings in the Hear section >>

Want to find a Lent course? Choose from:

Lent resources for 2017: Returning Home: Christian Faith in Encounter with Other Faiths from Churches Together in Britain and Ireland>>

You can still download Lent resources based on Sense Making Faith:

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland in conjunction with BBC Radio 4 and BBC local radio produced a comprehensive range of resources for Lent 2009 written by the MTAG team. These resources (also in Welsh) are available for use during any Lenten season.

You can download the resources based on the Sense Making Faith material for each Sunday in Lent (including alternative resources for St David's Day and Mothering Sunday).

Lent downloads based on Sense Making Faith >>

You can also download Lent resources on Unreconciled? the Lent course in conjunction with BBC radio 4 for 2011 here >>

Other Lent resources:

Lent resources: 'this is our story: journeys of faith' >>

Lent resources picking up themes from Dietrich Bonhoeffer >>

Lent resources: Pathways of Prayer>>

Lent resources 'People of the Edge of his Pain' >>



Andy Freeman: Francis: Stories and reflections

A downloadable book about St Francis of Assissi with 40 days of story, reflection, prayer and action. Suitable for Lent study. Find out about it here >> Francis:Stories & Reflections | Proost

Check out books by Sheila Julian Merryweather including:

Colourful Lent: A New Way to Pray when Words are Inadequate

more info here >>



Exploring Colour

Check out books by Sheila Julian Merryweather including:

Colourful Lent: A New Way to Pray when Words are Inadequate

Colourful Prayer: A New Way to Pray When Words are Inadequate

Colourful Advent: A New way to Pray When Words are Inadequate




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