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for wanderers and wayfarers in the world of spirituality

In this section you can find more spiritual journeys exploring the gift of hearing. Some of the journeys carry on from material in Sense Making Faith. There is also material on the bible readings which are used Sunday by Sunday in Church of England and Roman Catholic churches. If you are thinking of going to the main church service and want to know in advance more about what you will hear, click on the link and find out.

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Inside, hollowness; what is

comes to me as a blow, but not

a wound

Archbishop Rowan Williams


Listening to the Bible

Find reading the Bible hard going? Ever wished you could listen to the scriptures being read to you, other than in bits in church? Poirot actor David Suchet has spent over 200 hours recording the complete Bible.

The recording is in the New International Version and runs for 80 hours on 6 MP3 CDs. More details at http://www.amazon.co.uk/Complete-Audio-Bible-International-Version/dp/1444786407

Music Resources

MTAG's Raj Patta has a song called 'The Stranger' based on Luke 24.13-35 in the context of rising xenophobia. Listen here: >>

The power of hymns

UK Blessing Video - people from different churches sing a blessing over the UK during the Coronavirus epidemic. Listen to it here >>

Nation's most hopeful hymn is 'How Great Thou art'. See article here >>

Zoom singing of anthems from the University of St Andrews Music Centre >>

A video reflection on the power of Psalm 1 with Malcolm Guite. See it here >>

Videos for the 'Music of the Spheres' on Seven Heavens, Seven Hells by Malcolm Guite >>

new music

from nChant >>

About nChant

Since 2003, this young women's choir with ages ranging from 14 - 40 has explored a contemporary approach to medieval music inspired by the work of contemporary & medieval ensembles such as 'Medieval Babes', Sarband, and Sequentia. But it is not just about the music. We seek to become an informal & supportive community, exploring our own spiritual journeys through contemporary & ancient songs & rituals, and encouraging an open, questioning and questing approach to spirituality.

from Howard Dobson >>

from Linda Currin >>

Richard Herring on the power of music >>

Exploring the world of the deaf: Bible study Mark 10 >>

Resources for exploring deafness >>

Exploring pop music: HIM >>

Exploring lyrics with Andy Meek >>

Exploring prayer: how to pray >>

Further journeys will include:

Exploring sacred music

Exploring hymns

Exploring bells and chimes

Exploring the spirituality of Taize

Exploring natural sounds

Exploring film music


Exploring what we hear in Church:

Year A

Advent Sunday >>
Advent 2 >> >>

Advent 3 >>

Advent 4 >>

Christmas 1 >>

Epiphany >>

Baptism of the Lord >>

2nd Sunday in ordinary time (Roman Catholic);

3rd Sunday of Epiphany (Church of England)

3rd Sunday in ordinary time (Roman Catholic);

4th Sunday of Epiphany (Church of England)

Presentation of Christ in the Temple (Candlemas)

Sunday next before Lent (Church of England)

Ash Wednesday

1st Sunday in Lent

2nd Sunday in Lent

3rd Sunday in Lent

4th Sunday in Lent

Mothering Sunday

5th in Lent

Palm Sunday

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

Holy Saturday Easter Vigil

Easter Day

5th Sunday of Easter

6th Sunday of Easter

Ascension Day

7th Sunday of Easter

Trinity Sunday


Christmas: the Nine Lessons and Carols >> readings you may hear over Christmas

Christmas and Carols - a reflection from Revd Dr Vicky Johnson


Year B

What is the Lectionary and what is Year B?

Advent Sunday >>

Advent 2 >>

Advent 3 >>

Advent 4 >>

Epiphany 6th January 2009 >>

Presentation of Christ in the Temple (Candlemas) >>

Year C

Advent Sunday >>

2nd Sunday in Advent >>

3rd Sunday in Advent >>

4th Sunday in Advent >>

Epiphany 6th January >>

Presentation of Christ in the Temple (Candlemas) >>

Ash Wednesday >>



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