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for wanderers and wayfarers in the world of spirituality

In this section you can find new journeys to explore the world of scent and smell. Choose from the possibilities below.

Not only servicing the lungs, the air

is woven, full

of needles.

Archbishop Rowan Williams


Articles related to the spirituality of smell:

'Fragrance' by Alison Kings >>

Bishop Paul Butler talks about the Smells of Easter >>

Journey into Smell (Lent materials) >>

Exploring scent: the House of Bols >>

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Article about petrichor - why does rain smell so good? >>

'Rosemary for remembrance': Article on research which suggests the scent of rosemary really does help you remember things >>

Creating your own perfume: choosing top, heart and bass notes for a scent that unique. What would you choose? Read about it here on pp 18-19 >>

The Library of Fragrance have a range of scents to bring back memories >>

News link: smell maps. A Japanese site allows people to pinpoint smells from fresh laundry to 'incense, grass, dirt and wild dogs' on maps. What about a smell map of Britain? See article here >>

News link: Steve Pearce is an aroma alchemist who, among other things, recreated the smell of Cleopatra's hair. He talks about the power of smell here >>

News link: NCP plan to make car parks smell of roses, grass and fresh bread. Read about it here >>




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